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Information Required to Establish
a Bond Line

The requirements for a bond line vary a great deal depending upon the size of the projects you intend to undertake and the total amount of work you have on hand. In general, you will need to furnish us with the following:

1) Fiscal year end financial statements for the past three (3) years for the entity to be bonded and all subsidiary or affiliated companies.

2) Personal Financial Statements of the owner(s) of the business, preferably concurrent with the latest year end statement.

3) A letter from your bank outlining your past relationship and the current availability of any line of credit.

4) A schedule of completed and uncompleted work (form provided by agent) as of the fiscal year end and/or a current date.

5) A contractor's profile (form to be provided by agent) must be completed.

6) Information on any specific bond you may need to acquire.

From the above information we can determine what surety credit the companies would entertain for your firm. To complete the file, we will also need the following support and reference material:

1) US Tax returns for the past 3 fiscal years.

2) Resumes of key personnel

3) Letters of recommendation from previous owners, general contractors, architects, and/or engineers you have completed work for.

4) Any additional information you would like to make known to the underwriters concerning the past performance of your firm.

Once again, we would like to stress the information required to set up a bond line of credit varies greatly with the size of the bonds required. However, if you will furnish the items requested above, we will be able to give you an indication as to what kind of bond line we feel we can provide for you.

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